Wednesday, September 29, 2010

das Alphabet

a = ah
b = beh
c = tseh
d = deh
e = eh
f = eff
g = geh
h = hah
i = ih
j = yet
k = kah
l = el
m = em
n = en
o = oh
p = peh
q = cuh
r = err
s = ess/ß =ss
t = teh
u = ooh
v = fau
w = veh
x = iks
y = ypsilon
z = zett

jetzt weist ich das Alphabet,                I now has the alphabet,
sag mir, wie du denkst an mich          Tell me what you think of me.


  1. Learning new languages is always a good move to make. I'm taking Russian this semester and I've previously taken Spanish. My friend took German and it seems like a really fun language.

  2. I always found it strange the that German pronunciation for Y is ypsilon. Is there a reason for that?